Shelter Closed     Shelter Open  & Computer          ED 80 and Cameras

The CCD camera is a SBIG ST10XME equipped with a CFW filter wheel with a Schler H-Alpha filter added.

The guide camera is a SBIG ST237a. I am using the ST2737a to guide because it makes it much easier to find a guide star .

The telescopes are an Orion 80ED and a Celestron C 9.25 A RoboFocus is attached for automated focusing.

The computer assembly consists of the computer, 12 volt power supply for the Gemini system, RoboFocus controller and ST237a CPU unit.

The computer assembly is mounted on a wheeled dolly for easy set-up and moving to the storage location.

The computer has 2 parallel ports and a wireless LAN connection

The shelter is made of weather proofed wood.

The mount is a  Mountain Instruments MI250 is mounted on a semi-permanent pier and polar aligned.

The session  set-up time is about 5 minutes.